Kimi Eisele

Kimi Eisele is a multidisciplinary artist working in the literary, dance, visual, and participatory arts. Her writing has been published in literary magazines, anthologies, and online news outlets. She has recently completed a novel about America in the post-apocalypse. She has directed multiple community dance projects for New ARTiculations Dance Theatre, on issues such as endangered species (Rosemont Ours: A Field Guide, 2013), water conservation (FLOW, 2012), urban revitalization (The Invisible City, 2008), and the food system (We Are What We Eat, 2008). Her current project, How to Duet with a Saguaro, explores our relationship movement, stillness, and an iconic desert plant. Kimi is a co-founder and member of Movement Salon, an improvisational performance group that incorporates dance, spoken word, and live music to create ephemeral compositions. She has taught creative writing and dance in schools, communities, and institutions for over a decade.