Karen Zimmermann

Karen Zimmermann is a Professor in the Visual Communications, Graphic Design and Illustration Division at the University of Arizona. Her practice includes activities in writing, graphic design (including information graphics), and art. Her writing has been published in The Education of a Graphic Designer, The Education of an E Designer, The Education of a Motion Designer, JAB (Journal of Artists’ Books), Design Education in Progress: Methodology and Process, American Institute of Graphic Arts Journal, Zed and Inform. Some of her design clients include The Center for Creative Photography, The University of Arizona and Tinfish Press. Her artwork examines the relationship between art, design, culture, and technology within the context of the environment. More recently her research has produced visual works that examine, compare, and contrast visual and typographic signs in public and private spaces from both sides of the Arizona/Mexico border. She has organized several conferences, panels and events including: College Book Arts (CBAA) Annual Meeting; “Action/Interaction” Panel, Columbia College; Design Studies Forum (DSF) College Arts Association “Collaboration in Design” Panel; the UA Digital Arts Education Symposium; “Women, Identity and Borders” video screenings and presentations; “Alternate Routes” Video Art Series; and “Departure/Arrival A Reflection on Diaspora” Lecture and Visiting Artist.