Arthur Sabatini

Arthur J. Sabatini is an Associate Professor of Performance Studies in the Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance Department at Arizona State University. Dr. Sabatini holds a PhD from the Department of Performance Studies, New York University. His areas of specialization include: Avant-Garde and Experimental Art, 20t/21st Century Theory and Aesthetic Research. He has been involved in new music and performance, principally with the Philadelphia-based Rêlache, The Ensemble for Contemporary Music and William Duckworth Nora Farrell’s The Cathedral Project and iOrpheus (http://www.iorpheus.com/). He has published and lectured widely on music, theater and performance, including essays on John Cage, Robert Ashley, Richard Lerman, Daniel Lentz, Fred Ho, Lee Breuer and others. Professor Sabatini is also a writer and performer. His recent series of works included multi-media theater, dance/theater performance, sound/installation work: WHO WALKS and Certain Explanations/Magical Walking and The Walkings. He is currently working on a book of collected publications and the general areas of aesthetic research for Routledge.